January to March of 2016

I am not a wildflower,

Unless I’m planting my hips between your crevice

Begging for you to dig your nature into mine.

These petals between your fingers 

Become very delicate, so there is no need to

Pluck me for your own pleasure.

I am a wildflower,

Yearning to be plucked. 

Begging to plant my hips between your crevice,

Imagining my delicate petals between your fingers,

And hoping you'll dig your nature into my own. 

I am not a wildflower.

But I yearn to be plucked. 

I beg to plant myself between crevices,

I imagine my delicate petals being touched. 

And I hope to dig myself into someone else's nature…

But I am no wildflower.

I am a wildflower 

Hoping to be plucked. 

Yearning to see my delicate petals 

Between your finger tips.

And plant myself into

Your nature 

Until we've dug up the

Growth inside of me.
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