Favorite Color

Why do I envy her so?
Is it her infectious smile?
Is it her magnetic glow?
Why is my jealousy bubbling inside?
Why won’t she ease my tension?
Why won’t she drop her pride?
A bit of attention
Is all that I need
With an unsurmountable amount of tension
Envy is the only thing left to breed..
I envy her likability
I envy her energy
I envy her soul-awareness
I envy her potential
I envy her closeness to you
I envy life’s possibilities
I envy how envious she makes me
Why do I envy her so?
Is it even her?
Or is it me?
I should know.
I hate who I have become,
A woman brooding in envy
A woman breeding resentment
It’s when I’m holding onto our past
That I feel blood dripping from my wrists
Gripping our broken hearts,
And forming a puzzle with no real picture.
Written in October of 2016
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