Short Hair? Losing Length Doesn’t Have To Mean Losing Confidence

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By Aundréa Murray

Let’s be serious: we all know what the short hair struggle feels like. Whether your hair is natural, relaxed or in dreads, length isn’t something that happens overnight (though most of us wish it did). Some call it the “ugly phase” but what’s more attractive than the evolution of your own hair? Think about it..

You’re a rebel.

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People don’t fear having long hair, but they get cold feet before chopping their own tresses. That’s because there’s comfort in having longer hair to play with, style, or hide behind. For people who have had longer hair all of their lives, they often forget what having shorter hair even felt like. But regardless of if you’ve recently cut your hair or have always had it short, you start to form an attachment to your personal confidence – not your strands.

Less hair = less problems.

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In all honesty, less is always more. Less bills, less see where I’m going here. And with less hair, you have that many less issues figuring out how to style your short do. This is the phase where leaving your hair exactly as is allows it to naturally grow into its own style. Let this excite you now because you’ll miss the low maintenance in a year or two.

It only gets better from here.

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Short hair serves as a starting point for a journey only you can have with yourself. Depending on how you take care of it, watching it grow can teach you a lot about what it means to yield the results you want. Eating well, proper hair protection and drinking plenty of water is all you need for an opportunity for your hair to truly grow. Consider this a time for you to form a relationship with the shorter hair-version of you and the longer hair you wish to have.

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