My (Very) Personal Experience with “WHET PAINT”

By Aundréa Murray

As I am still removing glitter from the crevices of my (now much more full) body, I have to admit: I’ve had tougher problems. This weekend, my only challenge was to experience being the human-canvas for creator Kimolee Eryn and her pretty sick body art. I dripped sweat, paint and good ju ju in front of enough people to get me blushing.


Georgette P. Fletcher of Fletch Firm PR held her Fall/Winter Edition Pop-Up Shop right in Hartford at the Dirt Salon. The event featured a perfect blend of entrepreneurs and creative minds from start to finish including performances from artists like Front Page just to end the night right. Needless to say, with that much going on, I did not expect such a wave to form around us in our little corner.

Kimolee decided to paint her version of the galaxy onto me, using the curves and the dips of my body as a template of sorts. She managed to showcase plenty of planets, a handful of stars, and a true-to-taste mural of our universe. The bralette held with adhesive and my seamless boy shorts felt barely there as I stood in a room full of art feeling like a piece of it myself.


The feeling of the warmth of her breath against the cold, wet paint she sponged along my neck was surreal. She was really thinking, really feeling, really working, and really getting a rise out of me. Maybe body painting is my aphrodisiac, or maybe she truly is that good with her work. Let’s go with the latter.


During our 4-hour session, Kimolee shared with me why body painting is so personal. She mentioned that though she enjoys using her own (nude) body for a canvas, having someone else to paint on creates a very personal experience she has always wanted to have. Humbled by my volunteering, she also shared the delicacy of her work and why she is so sensitive about it.


“I don’t really care how famous I may or may not even get. I care about who has my art and who’s apart of my art.. because it’s mine. And I’m sensitive with it.”

-Kimolee Eryn

I was lucky enough to be an artist’s first live painting experience. A genuine part of me is soaked somewhere between her paint brushes and fingertips. And for each and every snapchat, tweet or Instagram post featuring this magnificent work, those who came to witness it got to take a part of Kimolee Eryn and I back home with them. I look forward to seeing more of her work — as should you.


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