BL&D Interview: Bishop John Selders, Organizer of Moral Mondays Connecticut

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Interview by Aundréa Murray and Onyeka ObiochaEditing/Photography by Quenton Narcisse

(Editor’s Note: This interview took place before the Charleston, S.C. tragedy on June 17, 2015 where nine black people were slaughtered in their church by shooter Dylann Roof while praying during Bible study.)

Dr. Bishop Selders understands that this isn’t the time for divisive tactics and petulance. Unity in the African American community and a fiery rebellion against the very system that subsidized the existence of millions is a necessity. And it’s what makes Selders tick. Since his arrival in Connecticut years ago, he’s dedicated himself to the teachings of race, internalized oppression and anti-racism while also focusing on academia and advocating for prevalent issues such as HIV/AIDS awareness and women’s health. He’s an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. He’s also the Associate Chaplain at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, and the long standing Executive Director of Zezzo House, an 18-unit collaborative housing unit in the heart of Hartford. The Black Lives Matter campaign is just one of many endeavors that has cemented Selders as one of the most salient voices in the state of Connecticut.

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