A Dry-Spell

By Aundréa Murray

You told me to write
And I told you that I would.
Just like I’d tell you how I could
Definitely paint you your vivid picture.
Better yet, I can provide the HD experience,
With a few X-rates, blind 3some dates,
Plates of good food & convos to relate
The two striking elements of our lives
Causing this attraction.
Everyone wants me to write
But I want everyone to make me.
Make me cum, make me groan, make me scream, make me moan
But make me want to feed you this water.. This liquid language of love.
My lusty, loose-lipped language helps get the depths of my mind to wet the crevice of your vivid imagination.
Moisten your ideas with my perspectives.
Drench your desires with wetness from my..writing.
Consider this sacred.
Our little secret code.
And I will continue satisfying any cravings you may have,
Any desires you possess,
And give you every last drop of me.
Just ask.

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