Aundrea Murray on Studying Journalism Abroad in Paris

As seen on Peaches Beaches and Urbanistas

By Kristen Noelle

The Interview Armoire is a series where we feature fellow urbanistas who have a special story to share. These women have exciting travel tales and/or interesting takes on making the most of her city. There’s something that shines about these savvy civilians, and we hope PBU sheds light on how they stand out.

Aundréa Murray of is a Central Connecticut State University student from Hartford, Connecticut, majoring in broadcast journalism. Aundrea has honed in on her journalism skills by reporting on a variety of topics, including an exclusive D-Day anniversary ceremony and a personal piece on poverty. She considers herself a ‘lazy poet, early photographer, and iPhone videographer,’ who hopes to trail blaze her own path as a traveling journalist. She plans to one day work for a stationed network like CNN, covering foreign news, and maybe even create her own network in the future!

We were very excited to chat with the very impassioned Aundrea about her recent two week study abroad program in France, where she had the opportunity to study and practice her craft in Paris and Normandy. She’s usually the one conducting the interviews, but we loved being the ones asking her the questions to learn about her fun trip. We are all for studying abroad, and it’s that much more life-changing when, while basking in an international environment, you’re able to pursue your passion at the same time.  

Read the full interview here!

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