Do You Know What D-Day Is?

As seen on CCSU Day 70

By Aundréa Murray

The amount of people, Americans especially, who have little to no idea what the D-Day war was about is slowly beginning to dwindle. When I sit and tell others that I was in Normandy this June, nearly everyone asks about the D-Day ceremony and if I had the chance to go. It excites me that not only did I get to attend this exclusive, 10,000+ guests ceremony, but I got to grab my mic, my camera and my tripod just to get to work.

photo 3As for anyone who still isn’t sure WHAT D-Day is really about, here is a video I had published. While out there, I had an iPhone, a mini tripod, a microphone and zero internet to turn a once in a lifetime event into a short newscast all before the night was over.

Yes, the hustle was real..

See more of my work from the 70th anniversary at

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