Worst Letter in the Alphabet

By Aundréa Murray

EXcuses, EXcuses.
You fed me so many EXcuses that I swallowed along with my pride each and every day.
Begged you for EXplanations to the EXasperating emotional stress you put me through; the emotional stress you put us though.
You EXcluded me from entering your heart and EXchanging the fear you had in yours with the love I had in mine.
I let you EXplore the dips and valleys of my body, EXcavate the delicate walls of my temple, and EXplode, religiously; you could have at least reached my EXpectations.

I never asked for much.

Maintaining an open mind and vulnerable heart must have been EXcruciating for you, I know.
As humans, we lie EXcessively at the EXpense of others in hopes of protecting ourselves; unaware that by doing that, we EXtinguish the burning fire of love with our cold, selfish decisions.
Now our relationship is EXpired. We both act as if it never EXisted.
You’re with the hoodrats in heels, tweeting EXplicits, feeding off of the thrill of social acceptance..
..I’m EXhaling EXotics, popping narcotics, and EXposing my soul on paper to get through the days and stay asleep during the night.

Over being bitter.
Past feeling gloomy.

The romance that once EXcited my body has left it EXhausted.
Your fondest EXperience.
My most disliked EXample of monogamy.

I was going to write you a love song. Common sense screwed that all up.

Thank you Lord for EXpression.
Without it, I’d fail to EXist.

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