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By Aundréa Murray

Who knows how to remain fashionable when you are rushing for a 9am class, rubbing day-old makeup from your eyes and wiping freshly spilled coffee off of the seats of your car? Making sure that you do not over-accessorize or simply ensuring that your lips are not dry might not be the first few things on your mind as a college student. My opinion? Flaunt what you have. Show off that beer t-shirt you won at a bar and dust the caked snow from your UGG boots. A “laid-back” approach to your wardrobe is one of the highlights of being in school. You can dress how you want, when you want and still turn heads without killing your toes in heels.

The confidence in dressing down will show on any sleepy face and many of the students here at Central straddle the line between high fashion and “what the F are you wearing?”; which is music to a college kid’s ears. Comfort meets classic when you pair the right sweatshirt with the right boots. Why focus on makeup when midterms are already creeping up, right?

My “Fashionable Fantasy” of the week is junior, Jessica Jenkins. The mood of her day is exemplified throughout her entire outfit. If she is wearing leggings, you can bet that she has a pretty easy going day ahead of her. Fast-forward to a day filled with broadcast classes and tons of running around and shooting, then you might even catch this avid heel-wearer in the comfiest of sneakers. However, Jenkins forever remains polished, poise and powerful with her style.

Photo by Aundrea Murray
Photo by Aundrea Murray

“Someone is always asking where something I am wearing is from; at least once a day”, she admitted.

Our campus is a runway for the athletes, the art kids, the “anyones” and the “anythings”. In better terms: students have been more focused on getting to class on time than being fashionably late. Who cares? Before spending hours in your closet searching for the most popular brand to wear, check the weather. Focus on how cold it will be that day and work with that. While others are dashing hall to hall avoiding the cold, you will be fastening the zipper on your fleece, relishing in your warmth. Remember that.

There is not enough emphasis on individuals that are naturally fashionable. The ones who can flawlessly rock yoga pants with moccasins are not always recognized. As always, there is skill in a detail-oriented ensemble. Yet, there is amazement in looking good without having to try.

So what is my style tip for the week? Be. You. No cliche, no repetitive answer and certainly no preaching. If there is anything I have realized as a young adult is that our youth is the best accessory for us to wear. Fashion will always be a boundless practice with absolutely not limits. With that being said, give those jeans with the holes in the crotch one more shot before throwing them out.

Thank me later.

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Photo by Aundrea Murray
Photo by Aundrea Murray
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