My Saga of Slumber

By Aundréa Murray

I dedicate 50% of my life on Earth to a life in my dreams.
Closing my eyes on my surroundings only opens them up to an illusive world of wonder that I look forward to every day.
Allowing a heavy conscious of troublesome thoughts to get lost within my uninhibited and foreshadowing subconscious gives me an infinite satisfaction that nothing else could conquer.
I go to bed with layered clothing and an even more layered mind of naughty thoughts, endless to-do lists, and imaginative predictions of how my life can be/should be/will be only to wake up to a half-naked, entirely exposed body, mind, and soul.
Whether I’m paying a visit to the hidden valleys of my captivating fantasies or held hostage for 12 hours by my terrifyingly foretelling nightmares, I will forever anticipate my journey through this unknown world that only I have unlimited access to.
They say that you can sleep when you’re dead.
I say I need my sleep to feel alive.

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