Married to Mary Jane

By Aundréa Murray

Submerging deep into my subconscious, and thinking in ways that I don’t always do. My mind is freed. Cloud 9 is an understatement when I’m under the influence. Mary-makes-me-wanna hug strangers. Mary-makes-me-wanna eat marshmallow fluff with hotdogs. Mary-makes-me-wanna come back to her every time she has to go away.

But that’s just OUR relationship. Some people dislike her. Other people are even disgusted by her. I had a friend tell me that those who find a science within the nature of cannabis are ignorant to the fact that it is a drug, and fail to realize marijuana’s insignificance to better living. Touché. However, I am not here to preach. I’m just high, saying hi. Mary has never done me dirty, so I will forever appreciate the magnificence of her existence.

Allowing my cluttered thoughts to be free.
Through you, I discover a different side of me.
Thick white blankets of smoke accumulating in bongs.
Exchanging stress for euphoria with lungs so strong.
The crackling of burning herbs brings music to my ears.
Medicating my soul & providing laughter so powerful, it causes tears.
To each its own, but you’ll always be my first.
My right now. My later on. My only..
For better or for worse.

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