A Compelling Contradiction

By Aundréa Murray

Fed you the sweetest lie my lips could taste and your ears could listen to.
Told you that I loved you more than everyone knowing damn well I could hate anyone.
Sang you “I love you” after we made the love that I was more in love with than the words escaping my mouth.
Loved you unconditionally under the condition that you would not hurt me.
Allowed you to believe that I could love you forever even when my own existence could never last that long.
Attracted to an opposite, until I was pushed the opposite direction.
Drew your attention with my magnetic aura, kept your attention with my addicting persona, left you attentive to my recollections.
Cling to our memories the same way you clung to me.
Refusing to loosen your grip, keeping my feelings in a choke hold.
Wishing you’d get a grip; catch a clue to my mysterious love.
Old enough for shots, praying you’ll forget me. Even for a night.
Until the little girl reaches her bed, reaches for her phone, and reaches my Sprint voice mailbox.
Heart full of passion pumping blood and emotions throughout my system; causing me to love you whole-heartedly.
Yet, what good is a weak heart to a tenacious brain?
Right-side entertained immature romance.
Left-side nurtured common sense.
Stopped letting the mind-blowing brain clutter my dome.
Told my heart to fuck off with its tempestuous fuckery.
And moved on.

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