Handles: The Savage of the South

By Aundréa Murray

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision”
–James Whistler

A dream does not remain a dream for long when you wake up every day with the motivation to achieve it. Aspiring rapper Handles brings a new meaning to the word “hunger” as he consistently strives to fulfill his appetite for success through his music. To the Virginia State University student body, he’s Kentral Savage and to music-craving ears, he’s the savaging beast properly named Handles; flooding airwaves with a lyrically incising set of bars that you not only bob your head in unison to, but mentally commend him for his perpetual ambition.

Similar to the soothing effect elevator music has on most individuals, Handles provides you with lyrics that can be played virtually anywhere – no curse words. Proving to listeners both young and old how set apart he is from the social stigma of rappers today.

You can say that Savage is setting the bed he chooses to lay in as he studies the art of music production, ultimately aiming to strengthen his already natural talent. With a commitment to learning, he pursues his Master’s degree with both an associate and bachelor’s degree already notched on his belt. Such motivation to his intellect shines throughout his lyrics, and inspires nearly everyone to master the craft they are blessed with.

“I think music is in everyone.”

He values connection through music and liberated self-expression. His friends and fans would say he is a “bold person with a bold message” Savage says to “say what you have to say and say it your way.”

With devotion as the motive, success as the goal, and expression as key, Kentral “Handles” Savage is not to be heard but to be listened to.

Kentral “Handles” Savage


Thinking Ahead hosted by DJ Nice (2009)
Thinking 2wice Ahead: The Mixtape hosted by DJ Nice (2010)
Thinking More Than Ever hosted DJ Strez (2011)
Thinking 2wice Ahead: The Album (2011) – (available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, handles.bandcamp.com & many more..)
Done Thinking hosted by DJ Suss-One (COMING SOON)

To Listen/Download all the latest mixtapes, go to http://handles.bandcamp.com

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