INTERVIEW: Monique Antoinette, The Model

By Aundréa Murray


Through the eyes of a photographer revels the soul of an artist. Isabelle Ogougla’s vivid imagination illustrates the personification of inner-beauty, outer-imperfections and mindful individuality through her man-made lenses and God-given gift. Her everlasting hunger for emotionally-inspired fashion nourishes the spirits of her supporters, her pupils, her models.

Serving as incomparable characters in her story book of life’s beauties, each of her photographs depicts the meaning behind a “Free Mind”. While creating styles that speak volumes, she allows viewers to form their own cognition of fashion as well as their own perceptions of beauty.

“The truth is, I like finding perfection in imperfection. I am not trying to fit a specific style, or enter a particular category as a photographer. I am only trying to convey emotions with my images.”

-Isabella Ogougla

Interviewing young, aspiring model Monique ‘Antoinette’ Stennett was an indulgence of many sorts and a captivating experience. Through her words, I envisioned the journey of most modern, independent models whose desire is not only to be seen but to be understood.

I. What is your motivation to model, in 30 words or less?

My hunger, dare I say passion for style, artistic expression, and the indefinite all influence my motivation to model.

II. How do you choose to promote yourself and your modeling?

At all times, many fail to realize that modeling is self-promotion in its purest form. I choose to do so through my wardrobe, for one’s outfit should always speak volumes of the personality and temperament. Self-promotion on a professional level includes go-sees, auditions and networking events.

III. Why do you feel that it is important for others to know the lifestyle of an aspiring model/inde-model*?

The common consensus of those who don’t model associate the lifestyle with glitz, glam and cocaine. Although that may apply to some, when the camera is flashing a model has to think about posture, facial expression, and lighting not to mention the product they need to “sell”, all while having an ethereal aura. In addition, many accomplish it on an empty stomach, in the freezing cold. Can you imagine how arduous it is to be convincingly sexy and energetic when you’ve lost all feeling in your breasts from being topless in the night desert for hours? While the life of an aspiring model is overwhelming, I find it exhilarating. The traveling, meeting new people, learning various cultures/languages; I adore the thrill as well as the painstaking trials.

IV. Who are some people/organizations/agencies/promotional sites that you work with?

I presently work with a photographer by the name of Isabelle Ogougla, who regularly features. I have also worked with a few up-and-coming clothing lines such as Pistol Etiquette and Pink Symmetry.

V. Where do you find inspiration for your efforts in modeling?

My brother (Knox) has and will always be the main source of my inspiration; his existence is a constant reminder to always achieve more in any endeavor I choose. Besides Knox, I draw inspiration from all directions; fashion shows, magazines even ballets.

VI. Is there anything that you would like to express in regards to yourself and your goals/dreams within modeling?

Far too often do I witness or hear of someone with great potential but neglects his/her full capabilities. I refuse to allow myself to be a part of that disappointing statistic. Regardless of the path one chooses to go, it should be traveled with zeal and resilience. I intend to go quite far within modeling, beyond the stars, Pluto even.

Learn more about Monique Antoinette here!


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