FEAR: “False Evidence Appearing Real”

By Aundréa Murray

I fear one person and one person only. I know exactly what that individual can do to entirely destroy my satisfaction with life and murder the spirit of my soul.

There have been days when I see her and am instantly reminded of the many qualities we share nearly blood-deep. Both stubborn beyond will, and carrying an abundance of emotions that only the strongest could handle, we compliment one another effortlessly.

Yet, I can look at this person directly in her piercing eyes and see the complete opposite of who I am. It’s those days where she’s strong and I’m weak, that we fight the everlasting battle to never disappoint eachother. I never want to let her down. I’ve realized through our recent time apart, that I need her. I need her to make me feel alive when my own little world seems to be dying around me. I need her to face me with the reality of life, on a daily basis. I need her to be there for me more than any other human has the ability to be. And with that, I will be there for her. She needs that reassurance. She needs that attention. She needs me. I promise to always bring the rawness of myself before her, so she can see me for who I am. I will never turn my back on her, for if I do that, the outer body and inner being connection that her and I have formed will immediately shatter into billions of broken pieces.

Woke up this morning, placed my hands on the frame of my mounted, motivational mirror, stared directly at this best friend of mine, and told her,

“I do not fear the reality of what is in front of me. I fear the reality of what can happen if I walk away from you.”

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