Cupid’s Shot

By Aundréa Murray
Photo artwork by @McFreshCreates
Discover more of his work here


I’m tired of being Cupid’s experimental-bitch.
Guys care less about the depth of my feelings.
I just better take that d*ck.
They want me to bust it open,
so they could finally pound it out.
Only for my desire to fade, and take a different route.
I’m uninterested.
It’ll all end the same.
I’ll climb on top,
you’ll say my name.

Try seducing my mind, stripping my fears,
fucking my thoughts right out of me.

If you’re still thinking about sex
You’re just like the rest.
My interest will always dwindle quickly.
Very quickly.

I had someone keep my attention.
I thought things would last.
But I focused on the future,
& he would dwell on the past.
Convinced he had my body and hoping he had my head,
but knowing my heart wasn’t his; it was Her’s instead.
Blessed with a big heart and even bigger tits.
A powerful mind, and beautiful lips.
Both sets..
I clenched my heart and held it close.
Passed it to Her, and told Her not to let go.
Emotions began weighing it down,
it became too heavy for Her to hold.
And eight months later, She dropped it.
I guess it was turned too cold..

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